Sunday, April 01, 2012

Should I stay or should I go?

Timbuktu is taken by the rebels- apparently virtually without resistance. There are rumours that the soldiers in Mopti and Sevare have already fled, and there is noone left to defend these towns. Is this true? Sevare is two hours from Djenne.
The British Embassy are urging all Britons to leave. The Swedes say nothing, but they don't even know I am here.
I am the only toubab in Djenne.
Amede, my friend at La Maison Rouge in Mopti has spoken to French people who stayed in Gao when this town was taken yesterday. They said that there was no violence, but that the Touareg soldiers had entered their houses and requested, rather politely, but at gun point nevertheless, that all valuables and cash be handed over.
Keita is leaving for Segou on Tuesday. I could go with him, in fact I think I must go with him...
So much to do first! So much to think of. The 10 staff is staying on full salaries until end of June when I normally come back. There are orders for bogolan to finish. There is the library project which must go on....
So, must dash!


Blogger Gilliane said...

Dearest Sophie,
My thoughts are with you at this tumultuous time.
Take care, love, Gilliane xxx

8:49 PM  

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