Friday, May 18, 2012

I spent two happy days in grey and overcast but as always lovely Amsterdam with Andrew, who came with me from England for this first leg of my Grand European Tour, when I visited my dear friend Birgit as usual. I also saw Ton van der Lee, the film maker, writer and creator of what is known as the Sandcastle, the large mud house by the Bani crossing as you arrive in Djenne. Ton thought that I should calm down and not worry too much about the immediate international launch of MaliMali Studio. He thought I should go back to Djenne, sit tight, spend very little money; develop products, build up stock, research delivery options. This was soothing advice to me since I had been getting increasingly nervous about how to go about things. I think he is right- and it is not because I am lazy- at least I hope not….


Blogger Gilliane said...

Fab photo ! You both look splendid in your Bogolan gear :) It was brilliant to spend time with you in Krakow::))) Love, Gilliane xxx

8:02 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

hello Gilliane,
indeed it was! I am writing this in Malmo,Sweden, just having arrived- a rather gruelling trip after leaving you at Krakow station yesterday evening. And do you know what I did! I left the bogolan in the picture on the blasted train this morning in Prague! I am soo annoyed!
Anyway, will write blog soon on our Krakow experience!
lots love

8:38 PM  

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