Friday, May 18, 2012

I want to write a blog, but I am constantly interrupted by the scenery which demands my attention. I have just boarded the train in Zurich, with destination Vienna. It is not just the scenery: improbaby blue lakes with snow capped mountains in the background with Hansel and Gretchen houses and church spires in the foreground. It is also the innumerable splendid horses in the emerald green fields and the frolicking overfed cows, a large number of which seem to be on heat and mating furiously. All these things are diverting my attention and keeping me from writing this blog which is long overdue.

Nevertheless,I will soldier on regardless.

Oh, dear! The mountains are getting improbably large. It is all turning into a John Martin painting.


Blogger Elisabeth F said...

Sophie, are you in Vienna, incredible??!!! We are here but will leave for Germany tomorrow
Elisabeth & Hinnerk (former in Bandiagara
call us please!
+43 699 126 33 223

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