Monday, July 30, 2012

Impressive performances
first by Prime Minister Cheik Modibo Diarra (above)who gave a spirited and convincing televised address to the Malian people on Saturday night, defending his government's first 100 days in power, in the face of demands for his resignation from the members of the ancien regime, the old political elite who have much to fear from his promised rigorous investigations of previous wrong doings and mismanagement of government funds under ATT.
Sunday night it was the turn of interim President Diakounda Traore to address the nation, once more taking the helm after returning from his hospital treatment in France. He rose to the occasion which demanded a delicate balancing act to try and pacify the squabbling factions in this troubled nation's domestic leadership crisis in order to be able to address, finally, the burning issue of the North...there is some hope that he might be on the road to success. No time alas to enter into details.. much to do- next time I write I will be in Djenne again, inshallah!


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