Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MaliMali at Lake Titicaca, Peru!

Too, too excited to wait for the colour picture to be scanned from the World of Interiors- we will make do with the black and white PDF that Jeremiah just sent me. It looks fab I think, and we are expecting major orders to roll in!


Blogger David said...

It looks great in black and white. But why Djenne Djenno on Lake Titicaca? Did they do a special photoshoot out there? If so, you're honoured (as are they, of course).

11:34 AM  
Blogger toubab said...

No David,I don't think they went there specifically for MaliMali! They do this sort of thing once or twice a year to promote the seasons new fabrics - in 2006 there was a World of Interiors which featured Djenne- see my blog for Sept 2006- and they draped all sorts of unrelated fabrics over the mud buildings of Djenne. They are quite inspired stylists- the best in the world for this sort of thing in my opinion- but sometimes the PLACE and the styling can be more interesting than the fabrics- this picture is very good for us- I had feared you might just be able to see a little corner of something...but no! we are there in full MaliMali glory!

2:34 PM  
Blogger Gilliane said...

Splendid Sophie ! Looks stunning !

3:38 PM  

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