Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Shopoholics Paradise:
MaliMali combines shopping and humanitarian aid.
Indulge your craving for beautiful new things without the pang of remorse that you have spent all that money on yourself. Buy as much as you like !
Spend Spend Spend!
You can put your conscience at ease, blissfully justified by the knowledge that in buying these boots you are helping to pay the salaries of all of Djenne Djenno’s former hotel staff as well as the four original MaliMali studio workers.(The other hotels in Djenne have either closed or are down to a skeleton staff, and even these have not been paid for months. But we are all still here, thanks to you!)
Shopping in MaliMali's online shop is truly a win-win situation, as our American friends like to call it!
Go on, don’t be shy!


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