Friday, September 07, 2012

Sitting with Keita and Ace by the Bani Crossing as I am writing this, waiting for the ferry to take us across the water. Alpha Blondy sings 'Jerusalem' on the car radio. This picture was taken about one minute ago. The water stands high: it is the same tree as shown in the August 15th blog.

We are going to Mopti for one day and a night- for the first time since the March 22 events. There have been one or two journalists staying at the hotel in the last few weeks. They are sometimes worried about venturing as far north as Mopti. I do not think there is any danger: the entire Malian Army is on site, albeit still lacking in equipment since the ECOWAS are inexplicably still holding the arms this sovereign but landlocked nation has legitimately bought to liberate the occupied Northern Territories. In addition there are also various patriotic volunteer militias, apparently.

Anyway, of course it suits the hotel to have the journalists feel unsafe in Mopti and deciding to stay with us...

Will visit Amede at la Maison Rouge, and report on Mopti/Sevare situation in a day or so.


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