Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Lulie has passed away

My great friend and mentor Princess Lulie (see entries April 21, 2007, Sept 4, 2009) has finally passed away peacefully in her sleep a few days ago. The picture above was taken at her flat in London in June this year. She was –probably- 96 years old, although her three passports, Jordanian, Egyptian and British- told three different stories. I worshipped Lulie. I smoked the same cigarettes as she, I wore the same perfume, I tried to be Lulie. I failed of course, and became Sophie instead, which is perhaps Ok, too... But I became who I am because of Lulie. Lulie was buried at Mortlake cemetery yesterday, in a simple Islamic ceremony. There will be a party in her memory at the Chelsea Arts Club towards the spring, and I will go back to London for it, even if it is the wrong time for me to go to London. There will be an obituary of Lulie in the Independent. I wrote it over many years, pretending to need to go to the loo whenever she said anything revealing about her life, and then jotting the nugget down. I will of course post it here too. I went for mass at Bamako cathedral last Sunday and lit a candle for Lulie. But somehow to pray that she would Rest In Peace seemed inappropriate. It sounds too boring for Lulie. I hope instead that she is even now meeting all the people that she wanted to meet: Aristotle, Hume and Mozart etc.. They will be pleased with her arrival, while we will miss her here, and she can never ever be replaced....


Blogger David said...

RIP La Princesse. Wish I'd met her.

3:52 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

yes indeed I wish that you both had!

8:49 PM  

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