Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So, when Carin Wall, the Swedish Ambassador called me this morning, as I was cutting out something else in the studio, she took me by surprise. She told me that during the circumstances she would have to postpone the fashion show. What circumstances? I asked . Carin explained that Diarra, the Prime Minister of Mali was arrested by Captain Sanogo last night and forced to resign, with his government. Although Bamako is calm at the moment, these sorts of events are not propitious for the sending out of invitations to something as frivolous and unimportant as a MaliMali Fashion show. The event is off until further notice… But of course the clothes will go in to Sylvie’s new shop next to the Villa Soudan, and I will be going down anyway in a few days , to sort this out. What we had hoped to sell will of course be severely diminished. But these are just small matters in the bigger picture which is looking grim for Mali. I have not read any news. I only know that the guns and ammunition has finally arrived, and I guess that this was the trigger for this very foolish action, which may plunge the country into chaos. Who will help us now? The Malian Army has the guns and ammunition, but they will go on their own if they go, perhaps without the training and guidance which was necessary.. ALA KA AN DEME….. ALA KA AN KISSI….


Blogger David said...

This was reported on the World Service today - the upshot of it seems to be that the Malian army is trying to prove it can do the job in the north by itself. France wants to send in troops...

But as you say in your scheme of things a real setback. Sorry for that. Can't wait to see our dear Swedish gazelle masquerading as a giraffe..

5:49 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

Well, if France still wants to send troops that would be great..
but I fear that any tiny bit of legitimacy that the Malian interim govenment had gained has been wiped out in one fell swoop. Sanogo has been shown to wield the sort of power he was supposed to have relinquished a long time ago. There is a legitimate wish by the Malian people and the army and a feeling of urgency to go north to liberate the occupied territories, but I fear this event may just have slowed down the process of liberating the north...

8:56 PM  

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