Thursday, January 10, 2013

stop press! stop press!

Villa Soudan Sunset with Amede from La Maison Rouge, who was in despair at the developments when Keita calls, saying that large military helicopters have been seen flying north over Segou. A few minutes later he calls again, with the following as yet unconfirmed news from military insiders in Sevare: French and Niger troops have just arrived at Sevare airport, with 'gros moyens' !!!!


Blogger David said...

If this is true, you'd be well ahead of the world reporting - latest World Service bulletin mentions only the advance towards Mopti and points out that a coalition force is not due to arrive for several months.

But maybe it would be best to keep this under wraps so that the rebels are surprised. Keep us posted - or else see you in 14 hours or so! Isn't the net an extraordinary thing?

9:08 PM  

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