Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'I am a soldier of the state'

Tiena Coulibaly the ex-finance minister spoke calmly about his removal from his post and his becoming minister of industry and commerce instead in the following words: 'I am not guilty of anything. I am a soldier of the state. Wherever I am, I will defend the state and its procedures. I do not see this as a sanction. The Prime Minister has the right to take this decision, and he did. He told me only that I will be changing my position, and as a good servant I told him there was no problem', Coulibaly explained in a telephone interview reports Malijet.
A storm of comments to this article show that I am not alone in my jaundiced interpretation below- the majority of commentators have no doubt that there is skulduggery afoot....they want Coulibaly to resign in protest, which clearly is not an option for this dignified man with his almost  saintlike attitude.  But among the commentators there are those who think it is is a good idea that he stays, even in this more humble position- to keep an eye on things....


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