Monday, July 08, 2013

And the other thing yesterday was the kick- off of the Malian election campaign.  28 presidential candidates had their investiture ceremony by their respective parties. 28 candidates gave their speeches, assuring the Malian voters that they are the only choice for the Mali of the future.  Some three or four  of these are heavyweights and needed sport stadia for the huge crowds that had gathered to support them. Sumaila Cisse, the candidate for the URD was in the sport stadium of Mopti.  Ibrahim Boubakar Keita aka  IBK (above)  for his party RPM took on his supporters in the 26 March Stadium in  Bamako while Modibo Sidibe, he candidate most Malians feel should be languishing in jail for past mismanagement of funds in the ATT government, entertained his many supporters in Kayes. Malians are a forgiving and tolerant people, sometimes to their detriment...
All the candidates promised to improve education; create work opportunities; fight against corruption and create a strong and well equipped army. There is no time of course to actually find out how the various candidates are hoping to achieve their identical goals. The election is 20 days away! My hunch is that the battle is between IBK and Sumaila Cisse...My keita went to Mopti yesterday to support Sumaila Cisse‚Äôs  URD with a considerable crowd of friends that he had commandeered. When Keita decides to support someone he becomes something of a local force. This fact was recognized by the Djenne M.P Sekou Cisse (URD) who paid us a visit the day before yesterday.



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