Sunday, July 28, 2013

Election Bulletin from Djenne

One hour remains in which to vote. We already knew that the Djenne turn-out would be high- the Prefect told me yesterday that 93% of all the ‘Carte Ninas’, the prerequisite for voting, have been picked up- that is a very high number.
This morning as I went past the voting centre at the main School in Djenne there was plenty of activity and a festive feel in the air. The Djenne grandees came out wearing their Grand Boubous, sheltering from the sun under large colourful umbrellas. Their wives too in their finest outfits with gold in their hair made their way to the Sory Thiocary School in the centre of Djenne. This town is divided between the three main parties, whose candidates are Dra Dembele for ADEMA, Ibrahim Boubakar Keita for RPM and Soumaila Cisse for URD. The pater familias will of course tell his wives and eligible off spring whom to vote for. But will they? The fact that the voting is of course totally individual and confidential tickles me. Now, here is a chance to disobey your husband and he will never know! I wonder if many women will not avail themselves of this lovely opportunity to be naughty... And it did cross my mind that if they all did, and voted for CHATTO, we would tomorrow have a female president in Mali- there would not even be the need for a second ballot! However, that is unfortunately not likely...


Blogger Laurent said...

thank you for keeping us so well informed. Better than the BBC.

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