Sunday, July 28, 2013

Finding yourself on these lists, which became quickly torn down, trampled underfoot and destroyed by the press of the crowd was not easy. Many people, mostly the old and illiterate became discouraged and went home. Now this is of course quite terrible! These people who may never have voted before should be given every help possible- but none was at hand! Baba told me that if one texted one or the other of  the two mobile networks of Mali the Carte Nina number, an automated response would follow, with the number of the voting bureau. The campaigning  potential of this was of course  quickly realized by the main parties, and soon the IBK supporters etc had set up their little groups where the supporters could come and SMS messages would be sent off on their behalf. But there were plenty of people wandering about forlornly trying in vain to find themselves on the hopelessly torn lists.. So Baba and I set up a help station too and started SMSing!

There is now just a few minutes left, so I will take a last trip in to town to check out the situation! Next time I write it will be from London, inshallah..


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