Monday, August 12, 2013

Landslide Victory for IBK probable

Noone  dares to pronounce anything official yet, but the election worker's figures above  (IBK to the left) are consistent with the figures that were rolling in last night  to an  on-line results broadcast run by Malijet.   These figures were drawn from 700 sample polling stations across the nation. This made for an exciting evening last night as I was glued to my screen,  following IBK's emerging victory from the Swedish lakeside together with Malians around the world who sent in comments in between the arrival of the results. There were  messages from France, North Carolina, China, Canada, Haiti and every corner of the globe as well as  hundreds from within Mali of course. The broadcast is available here:

There is a good reason why noone wants to pronounce the victory quite yet: during the first round Malijet offered the same service, and the results then also showed a massive victory for IBK, which produced  premature celebrations in the IBK camp who believed there would be no second round. However, those first indications showed an exaggerated IBK victory and when the results from the country side were taken into account a second ballot was confirmed.
Last night's figures showed over 75% for IBK. These figures will be modified. Nevertheless, it is enough of a trend to understand that he has won. The official figures,  pronounced by the Constitutional Court  will follow on Friday.


Blogger Unknown said...

Typically there is nothing on the BBC website but yet again Djenne Djenno is first to broadcast.

6:09 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

Everyone knows it but noone dares speak. Soumaila Cisse's Camp has come out and are already crying fraud- a clear case of sour grapes!The place is crawling with international observers- fraud on a major scale really is ruled out!

6:31 PM  

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