Monday, September 02, 2013

Out of Africa

Spent a blissful Sunday doing Notting Hill things such as going to mass at St. Francis of Assissi, then having wineflowing lunch with old pal and Mali veteran Andrew and Sandra- we ended up at Andrew's pad watching Out of Africa for the hundreth time...and this is what we looked like at the end making use of  Andrew's liberally supplied Kleenex....
But this was a Sunday Special.
I am otherwise  hectically engaged in useful occupations like the revamping of my flat, and the organizing of a hundred  practical details to do with the prosaic side of life... so correspondence will be brief and lacking in Mali connections for this month of September.


Blogger David said...

Well, Ms Sophie Streep. That reminds me you gave up on Lincoln and nearly put me off seeing it (only Tony Kushner as the writer turned me back on). Can see why you got bored with its slow burn, but it's a remarkable piece of work with very subtle acting. Loved it. Whereas Out of Africa I have never seen all the way through since I went to the cinema to see it as a student and felt myself coming down with flu half way through.

11:57 AM  
Blogger David said...

Oh, and SURELY that's our Zsuzsa in the picture. Sandra??

11:10 PM  

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