Monday, November 04, 2013


These days, when I go to Bamako, I can no longer indulge in my customary Bamako treat : going to the fabulous pool at the Hotel Amitie is now no longer possible. And why is this ? Because this enormous hotel where the rooms costs more than E200 a night is taken over by the United Nations peace keeping forces. And that is not all : most of the luxury hotels in Bamako are fully booked with UN troops and administrative personnel.

And the reconciliation talks are carrying on in Bamako, attended by all the MNLA people who were previously sought by Interpol for various crimes against humanity and the nation. They are now dining with the head of the United Nation's peace keeping mission in Mali  in luxury restaurants in Bamako, I know, because I know the particular restaurateurs in question .

Meanwhile in Kidal , the MNLA are still in control of the government buildings  and apparently wandering around the town  fully armed,  although in accordance with the Ouagadougou agreement they are supposed to be ‘in containment’.  And  yesterday, two French journalists were kidnapped and killed.

Hollande is ‘very sad’,  and he wants  to send his condolances to the relatives. IBK is sad too, and also sends, with the Malian government, his deepest sympathy.


This is Hollande’s fault. Why did they not sweep up in Kidal when they had their chance ?  Their incomprehensible love affair with the MNLA will remain a thorn in their flesh. They will finally understand that they were mistaken, but it will then be too late.

As for the UN soldiers’ presence here, and all it costs to all of us, I am feeling a sudden desire to throw up. WHERE ARE THE UN SOLDIERS ? WHY DO THEY NOT SECURE KIDAL ???


Blogger David said...

Brava for highlighting the inconsistencies. Of course they all dine at huge expense - it was ever thus, and remains so with NGOs (we observed the same in Asmara). Horrifying the swiftness of those 'executions' in Kidal. Mali remains two countries, it seems.

11:10 AM  
Blogger toubab said...

And now one of the biggest criminals of this whole sorry tale, Ag Ghali, the two-faced chameleon and snake in the grass, the head of the murderous Ancar Dine, has been given immunity from prosecution because of his part in the hostage negotiation to free the French hostages, ( freed just before the murder of these journalists)And how much did he personally earn from the ransom paid? How many state of the art guns will he be able to buy with that?
Mali is revolted by this whole affair.

12:01 PM  

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