Thursday, January 30, 2014

Message from Carmen

 Hello, first of all. In 2007,  I was in Mali, in a really wonderful trip, one of the most incredible in my life. I was in Djenne, of course, then like a 12 hours trip in an amazing bus. I remember phoned to my djenne's hotel, talking to Sally, and explained  her that our bus was deleted, and arriving to Djennes like I don't know the delete and with two more people and she was waiting for us, in the midlle of the night with a smile and the dinner for us, It was a miracle. 
Dear Sally, I hope this mail is for you, but I am not sure. Anyway, I've been thinking about you hundred of times, and I am really worried when I heard the situation in Mali is really bad. I hope you are right. I remember drinking wine with you in the roof of your hotel watching the sunset.... It is one of the beautiful memories of my life. This mail is only to know you are right, I hope so, please.... If you are not Sally, please send this mail to her if you know her. And if you are Sally, I hope you are Ok, and I send you all my energy and love............Thanks a lot for your time and love, and I hope you are right in Mali. 
Carmen Serrano

Dear Carmen, I THINK I am Sally, but I am not sure...?  My name is Sophie, and I have a roof top Sunset bar, certainly.
The situation is OK now, although we have had a couple of scary years...
Hope you can come back again!

All the best Sally/Sophie.


Blogger Gilliane said...

What a charming message :)
Lots of Love, G

11:25 PM  

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