Thursday, February 20, 2014

In Bamako I was invited by my new friend the Swedish ambassador Eva Emneus to a reception at her residence for the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt -above- who was on a whistle stop tour of Mali. The reception was attended by just about all the ambassadors of Mali.   I had a lovely time and found Bildt quite charming. He was very interested in the subject of Djenné’s ‘Maraboutage’. I began to tell him the story of how I arranged some Maraboutage for the foreign correspondent with love problems (see blog Nov 22,  2012) but the efficient Eva whisked him away before the end of the story to introduce him to the Spanish ambassador... now, I understand this perfectly : she was only doing her job of course!


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This is such a great idea! I am excited to read more and see what happens!

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