Saturday, March 15, 2014



We have mobilised Garba too, the other archivist at the library, and he is busy poring over the ancient manuscripts not only for examples of different inks, but to find mentions of plants for medicinal purposes. Often it happens to be the same plants at those used for dyes or inks.
And that is not all: after the conference is finished, on the same day  towards evening, there will be a ceremonial planting of trees on our land next to the Malimali studio: the beginning of a Botanical Garden for the plants and trees used in traditional inks, dyes and medicines!
And that is not all: A Spanish film maker, José Manuel, is arriving too in order to film Djenéba, my  young albino assistant for the sequel to the documentary he filmed of her a few years ago. He will be filming anything of interest, and has rescheduled his flight to be there on the 8th.

And that is not all: There is a lady arriving from the mysterious  RIZOMA  Institute of Sao Paolo, who sponsored the recent calligraphy competition...
Well, that is at least how we hope it will all turn out...

Meanwhile Maman has been sent off for his under-cover mission to the goldfields of northern Guinea, and I have just booked my flight back to Europe via Algiers where I will stay for the election and for Easter with my friend Carin Wall, former Swedish Ambassador to Mali and now to Algiers. I am watching anything Algerian I can lay my hands on and last night I saw the fabulous ‘Battle of Algiers’ by Gillo Montecorvo- much recommended watching, but quite controversial in that one finds oneself on the side of terrorism....

So, at least for now I can’t complain that I am bored!


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