Friday, April 11, 2014

Much has happened : the people who were supposed to congregate from all the corners of the world did all come and our strange meeting did take place here in Djenné : there was José Manuel who made his documentary of my albino assistant Djennéba – but also of me , the library, MaliMali and everything else that happens here. There was Helen who came from Sweden to work on the conservation of the manuscripts in the library and to compile a report to be used to raise funds ; there was Eva from Hamburg, also working in the library. We had a great time - although I now feel as if I have been flattened by a steam roller...
I have a vague idea that there are important things afoot in Mali : The Prime Minister has resigned- and I have not even had time to find out why. Moussa Mara, an  energetic ; apparently  incorruptible  and much admired former Bamako  Maire has been put in his place. More to follow on this…
And I will leave for Bamako tomorrow and Algiers on the fifteenth, just before the Algerian elections and then England… more soon .


Blogger jm.herraiz said...

Unforgettable days in Djenne at your hotel, Sophie. Magnificent place, superb food and very interesting cineforum soirées every night.
Everybody should try this at least once in a life time!
Thank you so much.

10:59 AM  
Blogger toubab said...

Yes indeed, José Manuel! It was great to have you all there, just had a message from Helen too, back in Sweden. Andrea is still in Djenné, working with Djennéba on bogolans etc and riding my horse, which is good news since he needs to move. How is the film going? CAN'T WAIT!!!!xxSophie

11:16 AM  

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