Monday, February 23, 2015

The Best of all Possible Worlds

 That proverbial cloud does have a golden lining, and of course all is for the best in the best  of all possible worlds. 
 The Bamako Fashion Week was indeed a washout, but I spent 3 blissful days by Eva’s pool next to the Niger river; we saw the lovely KarKar at the Institut Français. Eva liked him but  thought him a little monotonous…hmm; yes, but I don’t mind. He did not play enough of his old songs though, only Mariama. But he was promoting his new album after all, and had the most fantastic toubab harmonica player with him.

And that was not all: I managed to get a promise out of Hadama, the gerant at the Villa Soudan that MaliMali can have the shop on the other side of the road, the shop which used to be called ‘Ethnic Women’ and was run by Sylvie until she closed it and went to France. MaliMali sold very well in this shop and now we can have it all to ourselves! It will be called Malimali and we are taking it on a trial 6 months; starting in about a month!
Now back in Djenné with Keita, taking care of various Malimali orders and looking after the hotel which has a small but interesting trickle of guests…



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