Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday in Notting Hill

A lovely, solitary Sunday back in my Notting Hill- went to mass at St. Francis of Assissi in Pottery Lane through the familiar streets with their pretty ice cream coloured houses. There is always a full house at St. Francis ; there is an organ and the congregation is not shy and likes to sing. To my delight we sang one of my favourite hymns which I always remember as ‘the  one about the ‘crystal sea’. It is in fact called  ‘Alleluia, sing to Jesus’ I believe, and it has the lyrics: 
”Intercessor, friend of sinners
 earth’s Redeemer plead for me
where the songs of all the sinless
sweep across the crystal sea."
The hymn always reminds me of the John Martin painting ‘The Plains of Heaven’ in the Tate Gallery. Both the painting and the hymn has the same soaring epic scale.

Once back home at Andrew’s (who has gone to Paraguay) I found a message from Cressida: I should go and buy myself a Mail on Sunday because she had been interviewed for something called 'Emotional Ties 'where people are interviewed about personal things they value: she had included the embroidery I made for her birthday once commemorating an unforgettable trip we made through Texas, along the Mexican border and into Louisiana!
And tomorrow morning I will leave for Sweden to visit my mother and MNH. (Mother’s new husband).


Blogger Tabor said...

Rich and full live you seem to lead. This is a good thing.

12:19 AM  
Blogger David said...

Well, I wouldn't ever let myself be interviewed by the Daily Mail (viz Alan Bennett saying something along the lines of 'when some people say they like my plays, I see them holding a copy of the Daiy Mail and I think, you just can't have got it at all'). Heck, I wouldn't even buy my poor old ma a copy when she was in hospital. So I'll decline to click on that. And of course I'm never GOING to be interviewed by the Daily Mail because I'm not a celebrity like Cressida. But whatever it takes to sell your stuff...and of course, how nice - I always look at that on the wall when we're there for lunch.

My love to the Aged P and demi-P (glorious man that he is).

5:24 PM  
Blogger Laurent said...

Bon voyage en Suède. Hope you have a wonderful time.

2:45 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Glad you got the crystal sea hymn! xx

10:18 PM  

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