Sunday, January 10, 2016


Well, the New Year is moving forward in a not unpleasant way – I am supposed to be attacking my new collection for MaliMali, but finding it hard to get going. I therefore procrastinate in a creative way, involving myself in useful things like repainting  the sign for the hotel which was developing into a depressing ruin by the turning to the hotel. This activity, I felt, had a symbolic significance: I am more or less tied to Djenné for the next year and a half or so, so I want to make the best of things, and this involves having a shiny newly painted hotel sign of course.

The hotel sign was originally inspired by the brightly coloured horse carts which one sees every Monday market day in Djenné in great numbers.

 Some of the recent Mondays there has been a visit by the UN,  resplendent in tanks and blue helmets, keeping the peace and causing traffic jam as they arrive from their Sevaré camp about 11.30 in the middle of the market and leaving by about three, no doubt scaring away lots of potential Jihadists by their ostentatious presence. Seen below waiting for the Djenné ferry.


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