Saturday, September 30, 2006

Feeling in an exuberant mood this morning, because last night's Mali evening went very well. To celebrate I will show you a silly picture of my friend Cressida Bell and myself in African garb in Cressida's garden. My Mali friends are very excited about CRESSIDA- Keita likes to say her name which he finds funny. Le tout Djenne is hoping she will soon come and see me, because I have explained that she is a bit like me, only a little bigger and blonder. That sounds heavenly they have all decided and are awaiting her arrival. Keita even had his tailor make her an outfit, which I brought back for her. CRESSIDA's arrival might not be quite as imminent as they are all hoping, alas. She is a dedicated foodie and has absolutely no interest in going to a hotel which hasn't had any glowing write-ups about its restaurant. The kitchen of Hotel Djenne Djenno is being built as I am writing this, so any write-ups are premature.... I shall have to get Sisoko practising the banana souffles when I get back. Sisoko will be my chef I think, he is trained in France and let's see what they taught him... Posted by Picasa


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