Saturday, December 16, 2006

Have had a very exotic and African day, starting this morning with a trip to a small village in the neighbourhood to meet the above cool cats, and to audition them for a performance at Hotel Djenné Djenno on Christmas Day.
West Africa is amazing.
These guys are the 'singing men', or 'minstrels' of the hunters of their village. That means that they sing and play the kora, celebrating the prowess of the hunters. This has absolutely nothing to do with tourism of course, but they have agreed to come and sing and perform- I can't decide if I want the whole lot of them- including the hunters themselves who will shoot blanks with their rifles into the air while these guys above circle around them, singing and playing... could be splendid. They sound amazing- just wait until some musician friends of mine come out and play with them! Ry Cooder and Ali Farka Tour√© eat yer heart out... Posted by Picasa


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