Friday, June 01, 2007

I am panicking.
What you see above is the state of affairs a few days ago- things have progressed somewhat,but nevertheless...
Things are going badly wrong with the colours and I am having to redo large sections. But I am flying back to Mali on the nineteenth of June! Just to make things worse, I have become a tourist attraction. Visitors to Mottisfont Abbey walk up the rickety stairs to the hayloft where I am crawling around on my hands and knees, just to see this marvel which I am supposed to be producing. 'Oh, innit lovely!' - (oh, no Madam, it isn't! I mumble under my breath)have sent an SOS to Pia to come and be my assistant next weekend.
Blogging will be sporadic, but will try and give blow by blow accounts on progress in pictures...


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