Sunday, May 11, 2008

The design for the roof of the HDG, as shown on blog entry March 14th shows quite a different design to what has now been happening in Djenne. Everything on the March 14 design forms triangles, which in their turn gather together to form hexagons etc. There is nothing remotely resembling any squares, or anything at all like what is going on in the left hand corner of this picture! Of course, being unreasonable, I had an apoplectic fit and phoned Boucoum, my mud architect. He has now had the offending left hand corner remade, and is apparently in the process of having the missing coconut beams added.
You see, this new Hangar will be about the most splendid thing in this part of West Africa. Well, at least as splendid as bits of La Maison Rouge,(Nov. 4 entry) and when Amede sees it I want him to pale with envy! (Just in case you didn't know, La Maison Rouge is a knock-em-dead- hotel in Mopti, and Amede is its owner and architect and my friend. People tend to stay at Djenne Djenno first, and then they go on to his place, or vice versa. We exchange tales about troublesome hotel guests, while we cry laughing.)

The ceiling of the intended bar, all going according to plan, will have coconut beams forming the pattern in the March 14th drawing. These will be covered with mud while the smaller wood, within the triangles, will be left visible. And on the top of all this, there will be the new restaurant, where we will dine under the stars, in the new chairs I am planning to make, about which more tomorrow!


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