Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was going to write a lighthearted little blog about the sex life of lizards, a subject on on which I think I can pronounce with some authority, having observed them closely for the last couple of weeks, during what I think must be their mating season. They do nothing but shag all day long.
Male lizards (see one above, post-coital, resting for a moment) are fairly passive until they suddenly pounce on one of their females, of which there are quite a few. Lizard society seems to mirror human society in Mali in that it is polygamous. Female lizards are unashamedly lascivious and are easily aroused in the presence of the male, it appears, At least that is how I interpret the curving of their backs and their turning their posterior towards him in quite a brazen hussy sort of way, somewhat lacking in subtlety perhaps. This behaviour is not, apparently mirrored in their humal Malian sisters, if I am to believe what Malian men tells me on the subject. A Malian woman never lets on that she is aroused, even if she is dying for it.
I was going to write a blog about the sex life of lizards I said, but... and here I am, doing it anyway, Oh well, that brings me some light relief and prevents me from describing what is really going on here..
What did I write on the 14th of October last year?


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