Sunday, November 01, 2009

said the dashing Nils, a British Mungo Park enthusiast of Norwegian/Asian parentage, who just spent a couple of days at the hotel, making me laugh. We decided it would be a good title for a a music hall sketch.
He didn't have to worry because Fatou lent him hers.
But the rainy season, which should have been long over, just made a freak return, and we have had 24 hours of continuous downpour, turning the fore court of the hotel (as well as all of Djenné) into a mud bath.
We are full tonight and rains+full hotel is a bad scenario. But not half as bad a situation as for the poor farmers of the area, who had already cut their millet which was lying on the ground, drying. This unseasonal rain may have caused devastation to the crops.


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