Saturday, February 20, 2010

There are not only tourists that come here but often professional people from many walks of life. I therefore spent a pleasant hour or so on my terrace with three French Statisticians the other day. One of them kindly sent me the following message when she arrived back in Paris. How kind, I thought, and how amazing that someone should make the effort to write to a hotel keeper and a complete stranger!

Bonjour Sophie,
je faisais partie du groupe de 3 statisticiens qui avions passé une nuit à Djenné Djenno à la fin du mois de janvier.
et je garde un souvenir éblouissant de ce véritable havre de paix niché dans une végétation luxuriante.
en vous souhaitant une excellente continuation,
salutations très cordiales
Marie-Madeleine Fuger

She sent a picture too:
The Djenné Djenno garden is looking, bizzarely, more and more like an English cottage garden....


Blogger Elza said...

It is long past noon and I am still in my dressing gown reading your blog. It is truly an adventure to be part of your world. I see creativity, courage and originality which is clearly the recipe for an interesting life.
I will return soon to read more but I have a frittata to make and some weeds to pull because we had rain last night, which does not happen often, but makes gardening much easier here.

9:43 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

Hello Eliza,
how intriguing, I wonder where you are? Whereabouts on this globe were those weeds growing that you have just pulled out? I will check out your blog soonest, but must rush off now, have to give my room up to some tourists tonight- made a mistake and over booked so am sleeping in a tent in the garden tonight...

2:21 PM  

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