Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the road to timbuktu

I phoned Sidi just now: 1pm Tuesday 15th. He is in Timbuktu, and gave the following report: So far there has been no bombing of the town. The village of Nyere, 40 k away has been hit, however. The Islamists are still in Timbuktu, and have not fled, contrary one report by the BBC one hour ago: “One resident of Timbuktu told AFP: "The mujahideen have left. They are really scared." They have not left, but they have moved out of their previous headquarters in a BMS bank. They have also abandoned Hotel La Maison. They are now in the Artisanat- the Arts and Crafts Market. Sidi does not think they are very heavily armed. He says they are patrolling around town in about 15 vehicles.


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