Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hotel Djenné Djenno is ready to receive the New Years guests- the first couple has already come, but I have escaped for a moment and left Beigna (above) in charge.
The sun is obscured by dust and the Harmattan, the desert wind, sweeps around the hotel, which lies exposed on the plain and has not yet been given proper surface to protect from the dust. Tonight I think I will put all the 14-16 guests in the reception on a long table with candles. We will close the windows and dine there. It will be protected from the wind and cosy.
So, I must rush back. The Beast is about to be unchained again... (the beast is the Full Hotel).
I will cycle back in a minute repeating to myself: it is FUN to be a hotelière. I LOVE being a hotelière. It is FUN being a..... Posted by Picasa


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