Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sophie being reborn.
I have a confession to make. The last esoteric and literary entry was written months ago, and has been waiting for a moment to be used. It is not in any way a fair representation of what is going on here at the moment... As if I had time to linger romantically on the roof with a rum at sunset reciting Rimbaud to myself!
Au contraire, things can be rather stressful, so when the lovely Graham, an English guest and practitioner of the therapy Rebirth suggested that I might benefit from a session, I accepted. He said that I needed to keep at least one hour free and undisturbed, then he changed his mind and suggested that in my case perhaps two would be more appropriate.
So I told my staff to leave us alone for two hours and disappeared into my bedroom with the toubab, causing some raised eyebrows, no doubt, especially since deep breathing was heard within a few minutes, it being a vital part of the rebirth therapy.
And did it work? Perhaps. I feel good today, but that might have more to do with the reservation I just received from the Dutch Ambassador to Mali... Posted by Picasa


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