Friday, June 01, 2007

31st May
Things are not going well. What is happening was not at all in the plan. This commission, which came along so conveniently, clearly sent by the powers above just to help me pay for the electricity at Hotel Djenne Djenno (it surely had no other function?) has now suddenly asserted itself and reared up like a big beast snarling, growling and demanding attention:
'Look at me you silly little charlatan! I am an AUBUSSON! I am the stuff walked upon by the Kings and Queens of France! And who are you, if you please? What makes you think you can just saunter in here and knock together something in a couple of weeks just like that!"
I cower in shame, shuddering in the corner.
This should have been researched and sketched for a month at least, the design and the colours completely decided on and the execution, even under those conditions, would need at least a couple of months with one or two assistants!
Instead I have just two weeks left before it has to be finished, varnished and installed in the dining room! And every time I look at the Djenne Djenno emails I have more and more bookings at the end of June! I must get back...!
The above picture is a real Aubusson, and my trompe l'oeil version needs to be just as intricate. And poor old National Trust are paying me an absolute fortune...!


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