Monday, June 04, 2007

Thinks are progressing and I WILL get it done- working about 14 hours a day. It is not looking toooo bad...
But this is apropos something different, but equally important: My bogolans are going to feature in the August issue of the World of Interiors!
I have taken it as an opportunity to launch MaliMali, which will be the textile/craft and fashion company which will start in connection with Hotel Djenne Djenno, but will be run with all potential profits plowed into the business to give employment and art/craft training. There is nothing to do for young people in Djenne. We are going to work towards a fashion show at Christmas. We will make clothes, cushions, furtishing fabrics etc, and we will buy a big loom to weave large widths of fabrics for the bogolan.
But now I must rush off to paint some more rococo acanthus!


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