Monday, May 26, 2008

I fuss and worry a bit, without reason as it turns out, about how my staff is getting on at the hotel without me. Just to be on the safe side I asked one or two of our rare low-season guests to write me a word and let me know how their stay had been, and if they had any comments to make. Two persons kindly wrote back and said that the staff and service had been impeccable. One of them also added a few tips on how we might improve the hotel. This gentleman lives and works in Bamako, and his comments made me realize what a metropolis Bamako is in comparison to Djenne. If you venture this way, intrepid traveller, you are in AFRICA. You are in LA BROUSSE.
First,he wrote, it would be better when we have electricity- (yes, indeed, the day we can switch off the generator will be one for celebration!)
Second, it would be a good idea to have wire-less internet connection- it is a standard feature now in good hotels. (Yes, yes, pleeeeese! if only! We struggle with the water supply!)
Third, it was suggested we would benefit from glass window panes to keep the dust out. (Hotel Djenne Djenno is built in traditional Djenne style. We would be the only building in Djenne to have glass window panes. I am too much of a purist to let a bit of dust bother me. Besides, Ali cleans every day)
Forth, a small fridge in the room would be appreciated. (Good idea for the suites, yes.)
Fifth, there was no towel rail!
(But there are hooks for the towels! They are made from cow horns, though...)


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