Friday, February 13, 2009

'Un Peuple; Un But; Une Foi'.
(Malian motto which appears on all official documents of any kind).

Things are difficult here to say the least. And yesterday morning my big pal Birgit left for Sikasso and eventually Burkina Faso and the South. I am left alone here, feeling isolated. Lots of guests at the hotel, but I have not too much idea what is going on at the Djenne Hospital where Keita is. I haven't seen him for nearly a week. His big sister and other family members are here. I am beginning to loose my cool. How long will this carry on? What is going on? One or two of the old friends are surfacing to put an appearance in here, but the vast majority have dispersed- I do not care but I would like to know what is going on. Keita seems to be besieged by hundreds of people every day, and is unable to get a moment of rest.
Birgit called me from her flea-bitten hotel in Sikasso, fondly reminiscing about the Djenne Djenno bed linen. I told her I am getting fed up. She sent me a text message later:
(French is not her most fluent language...)

" Courage my dear! And Patience...after all, remember u r dealing with a people who grew up with the motto:

"One Country; One Ass; One Liver".


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