Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The guitar I bought in Romsey during my idyllic stay in the Hampshire countryside in May 2007 (see blogs) was intended for this very purpose: the Griots of Djenné are giving a concert to last nights full dinner crowd at Djenné Djenno. It was a roaring success and it will be repeated every Monday night in the tourist season. The Sundays are still reserved for my balafon orchestra.


Blogger Unknown said...


Just scrolled down the blog to catch up with news of you. Love what your doing - it sounds like such fun. Was particularly impressed by the lovely outfits your wearing, the damn glamorous photo of you on the motor bike, the concerts and the scroll project.

Just had David and Jeremy staying in Jerusalem. Now I'm in Kabul and heading to Jalalabad. Back in Jerusalem at the end of the month.

Hope to see you soon.

Much love, Juliette - Godmother

10:20 AM  

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