Saturday, March 20, 2010

On our way back to Maobi’s newly repaired stable we encountered Le Fou who continues his daily work filling his wheel barrow with earth and depositing it on our new land as part of the land fill effort. Nothing will stop him and he labours away from early morning until late night, unless he is stopped and physically turned in the direction of his home, where his old mother awaits him. She hires him out by the day, and he gets more money than a usual day labourer because he works harder than anyone, mumbling away to himself, occasionally laughing and living in a mysterious but perhaps not entirely unpleasant land, apparently only inhabited by himself. It is said that he left Djenné one day in his youth to go and seek Adventure. No one knows where he went and what he saw. When he came back several years later he had become Le Fou.


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Hello! I am researching information on my 5th school project on the Djenne Mosque. I go to a small school in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. My assignment related to the Mosque is a paragraph on the food of Djenne. I am not having much luck on finding any information on local food. Could you please write me back with food information? Thank you so much! Ethan Forrer

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