Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why so quiet on the Djenné front?
A combination of extremely bad internet connection; a bad cold; a Bamako health visit with Keita- who is enjoying a period of excellent health. He is almost back to normal, although of course the spectre of recurring illness is always hovering, and medication can never stop.
And in Djenné the heat and the dust increases by the day, while the tourists are diminishing in equal proportion.
The unruly Maobi tore down the stable again- mud walls are no match for him. So he had to be shepherded the whole day in the garden (above) by Pudg while workmen were reinforcing the stable walls with cement...Normal peaceful Djenné horses can be simply tied up and surveyed now and then, but Maobi would have torn up the whole garden if left to his own devises, so hence the intensive surveillance.
And the frangipani tree is flowering for the first time!


Blogger David said...

Another splendid pic - you're on a roll at the moment.

And such good news about Keita - is this against all expectation? Have you found a wonderdrug?

8:38 AM  
Blogger toubab said...

Keita's illness is incurable, but with the drug Thalidomide (which strangely is the same drug that caused the birth defects in thousands of babies in the sixties!)his illness can be held at bay to a certain extent, at least for some time...we are soon off on holiday to Ghana with Djennéba, his favourite big sister; Lots of love to you and JeremiahXXXXX

11:22 AM  
Blogger David said...

Yes, there was a very interesting programme about thalidomide's bad-turned-good effects on R4 recently.

As for Lady Antonia, she is Jeremiah's New Best Friend ever since they chatted astrology and she read his palm. So I'm sure you can meet face to face and you can give her Swedish lessons in history...


9:50 PM  

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