Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yesterday Pudg and I rode to the ravishing little Bozo village of Sirimo, 7 Km fom Djenné. To enter the village one has to cross the remains of a river. During half the year it is not possible, so the horses/vehicles just stays on the riverside while one is ferried across with a canoe. But this time of the year it is possible to cross- the water only reaches calf high.
Maobi had never seen this amount of water before, and had certainly never waded across a stream, so he needed much cajoling before he eventually threw himself in. Once in the water he seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly though, splashing about and neighing enthusiastically. Alas the camera ran out of battery so I cannot show you the best... Once in the village we went to see a potter who uses a potting wheel, to my surprise, since I have never seen one before here. I asked her how much one of her pots were. She didn't know. She said that noone uses money in Sirimo. Whoever wants a pot will bring some millet or rice in payment...


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