Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spent Saturday at Wotton House, Buckinghamshire, for the engagement party of Stefania and Ben, two young people I did not know before. I just tagged along gratefully with my friends Jeremiah and David once more, and one could not imagine a more wonderful day than this cloudless June Saturday in the Pleasure Grounds of this splendid early eighteenth-century house, landscaped by Capability Brown. After the champagne lunch the guests strolled over the endless ravishing lawns and through the leafy arbours. Every now and then there were baskets strategically placed under a shadowy oak tree with more champagne to refresh the guests on their walk.
Mali seems far far away, but is not forgotten and soon I know it will call me back and my return will not be reluctant, however lovely Europe undoubtedly is...


Blogger gardenia said...

Sophie love this photo of you. Hope all is well. Robyn xxxx

11:59 AM  

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