Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on Maman's matrimonial crisis:

Despite my own mother's urgent plea not to get involved, I had to talk to Maman's mother, since I had already promised to do so. She came yesterday afternoon from her little village Tabato 40 km from Djenné, just in order to see me. The meeting was quite uncomfortable for me, because I had to pose as the 'baddie', i.e I had to become the obstacle to the wedding to remove any blame from Maman. I did so simply by saying that he owes us money for his motor cycle which he is paying off every month. Until he has finished with this debt- which is going to take at least one year, if not more, I exaggerated, he is not allowed to borrow any more money.
She said that it was customary to give something small at least, even if the marriage couldn't go ahead yet for whatever reason. I still refused steadfastly, having received a flash of 'NO!' from Maman's eyes. ' I am really terribly sorry, but it is company policy and it cannot be changed'. She eventually took her leave, looking crestfallen.
'Was she very angry?' I asked Maman later.
'No, he replied, but she wanted to know why she had to come all the way from the village just to be told that. Maman said that unless she heard it directly from me she would not believe it.
Mission accomplished. Maman has been rescued from his unwanted marriage for the moment at least...


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