Sunday, May 09, 2010

Things are a little problematic...
It started with a great storm and a torrential downpour delaying my flight from Bamako for several hours. This was not too bad, because I still had time to go in to Casablanca on my day's stop-over yesterday, to revisit some of the places where I had been with Keita almost exactly one year ago. One of those places was our favourite seafood restaurant on the Corniche, where I showed the staff recent pictures of Keita walking. they were amazed and very happy.
The afternoon in Casablanca was lovely but then it all went wrong..
The flight to Brcelona was cancelled because of the volcanic ash cloud. I stayed the night in an airport hotel where there was no internet. I was therefore unable to contact my friend Stirling who was waiting for me in Barcelona, since I don´t even have his phone number.
When I finally arrived in Barcelona this afternoon I found that my luggage had been lost. I have not been able to find Stirling yet and I am supposed to be in Seville by now to start my riding holiday tomorrow morning!
Sitting in an internet caff not quite knowing what to do... Will just have to take the night train to Seville I suppose: It is Sunday and all shops are closed so can´t even get some clothes to wear... And it is freezing in Europe. It must be about 20 degrees here: I am shivering! I left Djenne with 42 degrees showing on the bar thermometre...oh dear..


Blogger David said...

Your alarming dropoff at the end suggested you might have been eaten by a shark. Are you still with us, Sophie dear?

4:03 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

yes darling I am here and have now edited the entry.... just off to the train station. SO CROSS! I mean, bloody 'Ell! Why can't I have a nice holiday like everyone else seems to be able to?????

4:20 PM  
Blogger David said...

Because you're YOU. But I'm sure Sweden will soothe you.xx

10:33 PM  

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