Saturday, June 19, 2010

Congratulations to Victoria and Daniel!
The Crown Princess of Sweden just got married a couple of hours ago in a lavish ceremony in Stockholm, in the biggest royal wedding since the wedding of Charles and Diana. She married her personal fitness trainer, which has caused a lots of sniggers and which may explain the fact that the English royal family, although they didn't quite snub the wedding, sent rather minor representatives in the shape of Edward and Sophie. A shame, really, since there can't be all that many occasions for royal families to stand around chatting to each other, drinking champagne and admiring each others tiaras...
And they were all there including plenty of those that have nothing left but their tiaras, such as the King and Queen of Greece, Romania and Bulgaria etc, as well as all the reigning Royal families of course.
I am TVd out, because my mother and I and MNL have watched TV for about 10 hours! It was all extremely beautiful and I can't help admitting to having been being extremely proud to be Swedish when the gilded royal boat,draped with great Swedish flags rowed up to the castle and ....sorry, got to run, they are all going in to dinner now, and they have all changed their ball gowns yet again... must rush... more later..


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