Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We buried him this morning on the new land, next to his stable.
Maobi had been in Djenne almost exactly a year and a half. Djenne was a sort of retirement for him after many years as a dressage and jumping horse at the Circle Hippique in Bamako.
I am trying to remember our last ride, which was the day I injured my foot, a week ago today exactly.
As usual I had saddled Maobi myself, which gave us a little moment of intimacy and friendliness together before I mounted him. I always set out before Pudiogou, who brushed and saddled Max and joined us a little later. Meanwhile I took Maobi first of all for a little ride in an improvised manege where we did dressage for 10 minutes or so. This was essential, for it made him calm down and convinced him that I was in charge rather than the other way around.
The last ride was a pleasant classic ride for around an hour, which included a good gallop by the lake skirting the far edges of the archaeological site of Djenne Djeno. Maobi was excited by the new green grass springing up after the first rains and he was full of life and fun.


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