Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fatou made her delicious rice pancakes, and there was no stopping the Lithuanians who had 4 each!

Otherwise, what is going on? I wish I could tell you, but I cannot, at least at the moment. I am caught up, albeit on the perifery only, in a bizarre series of events with the Manuscript Library at its epicentre. Lets just say that this turbulence has all the ingredients of a best selling thriller, although we do not yet know the outcome. If it were a thriller it would have a lurid cover with matching blurb such as: 'Greed!' 'Deceit in high places!' 'Magic Spells!'Fear and Trembling! 'Revenge!' The actors in this lurid melodrama are, in order of importance for the plot: The Imam of Djenné; the Prefect of Djenné, The Minister of the Interior; the Minister of Culture; the members of the Djenné Manuscript Library's Management Committee, and a whole enormous cast of extras: the inhabitants of Djenné and...and... I will tell all one day.


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