Friday, September 28, 2012

Max can no longer live in his stable which is filling up with water, seeping up from the ground. He is now walkng freely around the grounds. The stable of Petit Bandit is still OK and we just had to secure the access with sandbags today. But the English are experiencing the same situation if I can believe the news I see on the internet. Apropos news... I am very concerned to hear that the US is against military action here before elections have been held. I know diplomats in Bamako who have the same opinion. I think to hold elections here and now is an impractical idea for many reasons. Most important, perhapsis that it will waste precious time allowing the Al Quaida elements in the North to entrench themselves even further. Fortunately France, for once seem to back Mali’s request for help, at least in a logistics and advisory role. Please, let’s get moving!


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