Wednesday, January 02, 2013

And now we have this. Apart from this glaring fact, I would also like to question the reasons behind Diarra's removal and most of all, why was there no reaction to this event? It caused not even a storm in a teacup! But why? Sanogo’s men arrive to arrest the Prime Minister of Mali and to force him to resign. Noone complains about it! What right do they have? On the other hand, in the wake of the Coup d’Etat, there were many arrests made in this manner by Sanogo’s men. The repeated arrests of men such as Modibo Sidibe and Sumaila Cisse for example, men known or suspected of having siphoned away large government funds under ATT, caused an international outcry. This time, nothing. The non-reaction to the arrest of Diarra proves that it must somehow have had the tacit approval of both the ECOWAS and the international community. But I smell a dead rat here somewhere and it all seems to lack in consistency and logic. The only ones to worry about this incident may indeed be Mr. Diarra himself, with me joining him. His arrest removed my fashion show!


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